Welcome to Loserville,Where Kumar is your new Obama.

The FBI called me last night.They said.

"Mr.Kumar,The things you have been posting on facebook and your blog is very lewd and inappropriate for the young ones.Please clean up your act or you will be shot in the forehead by our highly trained snipers.This message will selfdestruct in 10 seconds."

Boom!My iPhone became ithousandpiecesofPhone.I was so sad.I twittered about it.

Then I went to the mamak.I was really hungry.

I ordered Nasi Goreng Kurang Goreng.I like it rare.And Milo ais tambah Limau.

While waiting for the food,I was wondering,What did FBI stand for?

"Full Blooded Indian la,Thambi" said the mamak man.

I was like what the FUCK.

I asked "I was thinking silently,Are you some sort of Mind reader."

Anne said,"No la,Thambi,Last time I like to watch That so Raven."

I felt like a loser.I too used to watch That so Raven when I was a kid.

But I cant read minds.Why the fuck cant I read minds?

Mamak intercepted again,"Aiyo,Your TV not HD lar!"

I felt like a loser.I went home.

*My middle finger shown to the mamak in Hi-Defination*