That day,I went to 7-E again.To buy a banana.

"Hello kak,pisang ni manis tak?"I said.

Kakak replied sacracticly"Tak manis la,rasa macam ayam goreng."

I paid and quickly left.Kakak 7-E was getting hungry and he had no money.So she was about to rob me.

I was going to college at that time.

So happen I passed by a CC.

I looked inside.I saw this really Hot girl.

So I went in,I put on my sexy face.

And I said,"Hi,my name is Kumar.I play in a rock band".

She said"Don't breath the same air as me if you don't play dota,Loser!".

I was okay with that.I understood.So I just asked her for her number instead,maybe,One day I would pick up Dota.

She gave me her facebook instead.Saying handphones was so last year.

I left.Continuing the journey.

Then I saw this dude,He was walking with 4 girls!

I cock-stared at him.

"Hey you fucking loser,Wanna be like me.Learn how to DJ"

I was really sad.If I listen to emo music,I would be cutting my self.

I finally reached college,then,I realised that it was saturday.

The guard said "Loser betui la hang,he was listening to some auto tune hip hop on his blacberry.".

Moral of the story:I might be a loser but computers and computer generated music are a bigger loser than me.I am actually concern about this because I dont want to fucking hear metal that has hip hop beats or turntables on it in the near future.

"Weih,keluar main guli jom.Bagi exercise sikit.Baru cun.Dok depan computer nanti jadi gemuk doh!"I told my friend.

You dont wanna know what he replied.

I am also concerned about people who stay infront of computers all day long.

So I am making a difference.I am creating the "Go out and play day" which is tomorrow.

I urge everybody to mail your Laptops,computers,Ipads,Thumbdrives,phones and all electric devices to:45,Jalan Ibrahim,08000 Sungai Petani,Kedah.

I swear to god that is not the place I stay.


*Middle fingers to all electronic devices*